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I was born 2.6.1968, which makes me now 31-years old. This picture was taken in 1991, nowadays I don't use that much make-up. I work as some kind of electronics mechanic and spend the rest of the time at the stables, minus the time I sleep.... I read a lot, mostly in English. I also found out that I'm able to write letters when on the bus, so my penfriends don't have to worry any more, I have three hours a day to write letters... About my horsey life: I have started riding when I was 10-years old, on horses because the stable I rode at didn't have any ponies. I had an almost ten-year break, but I climbed back on horseback in -96, and have ridden almost daily ever since. Sometimes 8 times a week, sometimes less. I also drive a trotcart. ( Don't know if that is the correct term. ) I like driving as much as riding!

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